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Over the last 10 years, clothing has been the fastest growing waste stream in the UK. Three quarters of consumers admit to binning their unwanted, yet reusable garments.

Every year 1.5 million tonnes of unwanted second hand clothing and textiles are sent to overflowing landfill sites throughout the UK.

Bagged Clothes
This equates to each person throwing away 30 kg of unwanted clothing per year! We could fill a space the size of Wembley Stadium every year with our discarded clothes. There is more value than you may think in your unwanted clothes and household items. City Recycling Services (NE) is a Sunderland based textiles recycling business. We operate the easycash4clothes scheme. As a way to encourage Reuse, thereby reducing the amount of textile waste sent to Landfill; we offer members of the public instant cash in exchange for their unwanted reusable clothes, shoes, handbags, belts, lingerie/bras & much more. We then export most of these unwanted clothes to third world countries in Africa and Eastern Europe; where they end up at second-hand markets to provide affordable clothing for the Less-fortunate. The need for pre-owned clothing in less affluent countries than the UK is significant. There are many people who can’t afford new clothes, which makes second-hand Western fashions popular. With fewer and fewer people in these poorer parts of the world able to afford new clothes, they are buying second-hand from Britain for as little as 5% of the price they would pay new.

We enable you to earn some cash back for your unwanted reusable items; and at the same time support a good cause.

We also pay instant cash for Soft Toys, Plastic Toys, Bed-Linen, Curtains, Towels, Costume-Jewellery, Toiletries & Cosmetics ( partially used & new)

Impulse Buys, No longer worn or used, Moving Home, or Simply having a clear-out to create space?…

Don’t Bin It! Bag It Up and Weigh It In with us at any one of our cash 4 clothes shops listed here on our website.

Our cash 4 clothes shops are located in Sunderland x 2, South Shields and Newcastle (Tyne & Wear); in the Northeast of England.



We weigh your items by the kilogramme (kg), and pay you CASH on the spot…
We Pay Instant Cash

There’s no limit whatsoever to the amount of clothes, etc that you can weigh in for cash here.

No one buys/accepts a wider range of your unwanted items than we do…

We’re your one-stop cash for clothes outlet.

That’s one reason why most people choose to recycle with us!

As your unwanted clothes go on to provide affordable clothing for the Less-fortunate; you’re also giving others a chance to look nearly as good-looking as you; wearing your unwanted clothing…

The more items you bag up, the more cash you get paid.

Recycle Clothes, Reward Yourself, Raise Funds…

Unfortunately we cannot accept poor quality items.

We only accept Clean, Dry & Reusable clothes.

Our easycashforclothes service is the best alternative to direct donating of your clothing and accessories; such as filling up doorstep charity bags or textile banks…

Clothes Pile

With our service, you know that your clothing is helping a good cause; and you’re free to spend the money you get from us, as you like, or donate it to a charity of your choice; not some bogus charity scam, or an overseas ‘charity’ you have never heard of.

With easycashforclothes you get better transparency and more control over your donations.

We therefore work hard to extend the life of your unwanted clothing; by diverting them from landfill, provide affordable clothing to the Less- fortunate & provide an easy and convenient opportunity to the people in the UK to receive something back for their unwanted items.

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Newcastle Branch

283A Westgate Road (Uphill; approx. 150metres from the motor-bikes' shops. We're on the left just before the traffic lights at the Big Lamp)
Newcastle upon Tyne
Tyne & Wear

Park in front of the shop

0771 508 1769
0191 549 6222
Open: Mon-Sat; 10am-5pm

Sunderland Branch 1

1 South Terrace                                                    (Blue Corner shop; opposite the Cenotaph)
SR5 2AWParking available all around the shopTelephone:
0771 508 1769
0191 549 6222
Open: Mon-Sat; 10am-5pm

Sunderland Branch 2

30 Windsor Terrace (BLUE Cash 4 Clothes shop; next to the Working Mens’ Club; opposite the Gym at the round-about)
SR2 9QFFree parking in front of the shopTelephone:
0771 508 1769
0191 549 6222
Open: Mon-Sat; 9am-4pm

South Shields Branch

30 Westoe Road (200 metres from the Town Hall)
South Shields
Tyne & Wear
NE33 4NAPark at the side or back of the shopTelephone:
0771 508 1769
0191 549 6222
Open: Mon-Sat; 10am-5pm